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All Time Best SNOO Deals

The Best SNOO Deals

All Time Best SNOO Deals


All time Best SNOO Deals We combed the web to find the best way to get a great deal on your SNOO. It costs $1,495 for a brand-new SNOO, which is out of reach for many people. Listed below are the best SNOO deals currently available.

There have been a few changes to the discounts SNOO offers since this article was published. This article is kept up to date as best we can, but if a discount has changed or no longer exists, please let us know.

Sleeping as a baby will remain one of the great mysteries of life, along with finding your purpose and discovering whether or not ghosts exist. Normally we should have an answer by now, but unfortunately the answer is as complicated as life itself, because everyone is different.

There is one solution to the problem of baby sleep that has worked for thousands of parents around the world. It is known as the SNOO. You will love the SNOO baby bassinet because it gently rocks your baby to sleep. SNOO is responsive, so when your baby fusses, it responds by increasing the motion and shushing sound to soothe them back to sleep.

The SNOO Deals for Healthcare Workers – Are Over

The makers of the SNOO Bassinet, Happiest Baby, offer doctors and nurses a discount of 30% off SNOO purchases or 10% off each month of SNOO rentals.

SNOO Military Discount

The SNOO Military Discount

For military families, Happiest Baby offers a 20% off SNOO Discount, or a 10% off SNOO Rental.

The SNOO Deals for Everybody

Until February 15th, you can get 20% off the SNOO as part of the Valentine’s Day sale. There is no code needed.

On Valentine’s Day this year, give your partner the greatest present any new parent could wish for: sleep

Take advantage of Pottery Barn SNOO Deal for 10% back in rewards. This offer requires a Pottery Barn credit card.

Pottery Barn sells SNOO through their website. Pottery Barn’s deals are the same as those on its website, but you can earn 10% rewards if you have a Pottery Barn credit card.

Amazon SNOO Deals – Varies

The SNOO is occasionally offered at a discount by Amazon. It’s best to check a few options to make sure you get the best deal!

SNOO Black Friday Discount

In November, SNOO offers a discount. Later this year, you’ll be able to check the website to see what discounts are available.

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Getting a SNOO

Happiest Baby offers a rental program for those who would like to try the SNOO bassinet. Getting our SNOO through the rental program was a dream come true! Rental rates work out to only a few dollars a day or approximately $129 a month. The rental option can save you money if you are only using your SNOO for one baby and will only need it for about six months, or until the baby transitions to a crib. We rented our SNOO for 4 months for a total of about $600.

An alternative to SNOO

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to rent or buy a SNOO?

Unlike buying a SNOO, renting your SNOO can be a good way to save money if you plan on having only one baby. Since buying used baby items comes with some risk, the market for used SNOOs isn’t very large. If you intend to have more than one child, purchasing a SNOO will be worthwhile.

Is SNOO worth it?

Yes, according to us. For Adelyn’s first 2 months, we used a bedside sleeper, and I don’t think I got more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. Within a week of getting the SNOO, I was getting sleep in 6 hour stretches and 8 hour stretches within two weeks. It was easily worth $600 to us, and I plan to rent one for a full 6 months for our next baby.

When should you start putting your baby in a SNOO?

Your baby can be put in the SNOO from the moment she arrives at your home. In addition to being safe for newborns, the SNOO is the safest baby bed on the market. The manual should be read carefully and the speed limit settings should be checked. Using the lowest setting on the speed limiter will help prevent your newborn from getting jostled.

What is the procedure for returning a rental SNOO?

All the items you need to return the rental SNOO are included in the package. Please keep the box and all the cardboard. In the event that you lose the box, you can buy another one for about $50.

When is the best time of year to purchase a SNOO?

Visit their website for more information. When purchasing a SNOO, you should plan ahead before your baby is born to get the best price. However, if you plan to rent a SNOO, you won’t want to order too early.


Before deciding whether to buy a SNOO or rent one, consider your plans and what is best for your family. As you may plan to have multiple babies or you may know friends or family members who would also benefit from a SNOO, purchasing is a good option. You can spread the cost of the SNOO over multiple babies and potentially multiple families. Look for the latest discounts and promotions on the website.

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