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19 Biggest Turn Offs For Women And Men In Love Relationship

19 Biggest Turn Offs For Women And Men In Love Relationship

There are serious “turn-offs” for both men and women. The following factors undermine the desire or interest for sexual relations. Some of these factors are obvious, while others are not.

Most turn-offs occur because men are sensitive to their egos while women are more sensitive to their feelings.

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Find out the biggest turn-offs for men and women in relationships in this post. If you know how to turn people off, you will be able to keep them for a long time. Your relationship will grow deeper and stronger if you do this.

With the advice in this post, you will be able to navigate these turn-offs with ease in your relationship. Check out these 15 proven strategies to attract any man if you want to know how to attract men.

Okay, Let’s dive in.

What Does Turn Offs Mean In A Relationship?

A turn off in a relationship is something unappealing that your partner does, something that makes you lose interest or desire in the person or activity. When you feel insecure, embarrassed, or generally shut down by your partner’s behavior, words, or actions, you may feel turned off.

Dating is all about being sensitive and caring, and fostering your partner’s interest and sexual desire. Relationships must be successful if you can identify and avoid turn-offs. Silent red flags could pose a threat to your relationship if they occur during some of these turn-offs.

In the same way that men and women have things that arouse their desire and sexual arousal, they also have things that turn them off.

As we dive deeper into the biggest inhibitors of feelings and emotion, I want you to know that people are different and these turn-offs will vary depending on the person you’re connected to.

Biggest Turn Offs For Women

It is so sad that 75% of men don’t know what turns women off. Cynthia A. Graham, Ph.D., concluded that various factors may enhance or inhibit women’s sexual desire in her research [pdf].

Men who want a long-lasting, happy relationship should be aware of the most common relationships turn-offs for women. This information is taken from online research and studies.

1. Fears About Unwanted Pregnancy

It sounds strange, but it’s a big deal for women. Fear of unwanted pregnancy inhibits arousal in women. Insecure women tend to turn off to prevent losing control over their emotions when they don’t know whether a guy will protect them.

2. Using Your Phone While On A Date

Attention is a necessity for women. Women, on average, say their love language is quality time. Put your phone away when you’re with them. On a date, using your phone shows a lack of interest, which is a big turn-off for most women.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Gadgets compete for the attention of women.

According to research, a lot of relationships, both dating and marriage, grow cold due to the use of gadgets during serious conversations.

Give the girl your full attention and quality time by putting the phone away.

3. Absent Minded

Women love a guy who is physically and emotionally present. When you talk to your girlfriend or wife, being absent-minded is a huge turn-off.

It has to do with women’s love of quality time, not just quantity. Being present is a large part of quality.

4. Talking About Your Ex In Every Single Date

Women do not mind knowing your past story, and in fact, they agree that it is healthy for you to share about your ex. If that is the only story you mention, it raises a silent red flag.

It is a turn-off for women when you talk about your ex on every date. Especially if you compare your ex with them.

When you talk about your ex, women can tell if you have moved on from them. If you don’t want your ex back, stay away from talking about them.


The idea that the world revolves around a guy will immediately turn a girl off. Men who are self-centered do not know what their women want because they are always focusing on themselves.

You may be displaying it in your tone, conversation, or even the way you think about yourself. According to this study, selfishness is self-contentedness.

Give her the chance to talk, and make her feel special. This can be accomplished by showing her that she’s important.

This will light her up instead of turning her off, which is a plus for you.

6. A Selfish Man Is A Huge Turn Off For Most Women

Women are mainly turned off by things that trigger their emotions. Women are turned off by anything that triggers their insecurity.

As they say, selfishness is the enemy of intimacy.

7. Excessive Jealous

As a guy, it’s normal to be jealous. When jealousy is excessive, it can be a huge turn-off for women. When jealousy is excessive, it can be a huge turn-off for women.

When you want to know all her moves, knowing where she is all the time might be a huge challenge. Jealousy is different from caring for someone. This will be covered soon.

8. A Control Freak

Anything in excess is toxic, including jealousy. Over-controlling men often cause more harm than good. Whenever a woman feels that her man is controlling her, she shuts down or is turned off.

Intimacy is built on trust, cultivate it.

9. Fear

It sounds obvious, but it isn’t. Dominating your woman causes anxiety and fear. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to arouse or turn on a woman who is afraid.

10. Indecisive

It should go without saying that women want a man who is sober and decisive. Most women are turned off by indecisive men. Taking the right decision should be the man’s responsibility, or at least his attempt.

11. Not Sensitive To Her Feelings

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that women are emotional beings, and anything that threatens their emotions automatically turns them off. The things that turn women off in a relationship don’t just happen to them. It’s also about what you do or do not do. The woman expects you to read her emotions and respond accordingly.

When she feels cold, she expects you to figure out what to do, such as going inside or giving her your coat, if you have one. Observe what is happening around you and respond accordingly.

12. Timing & Emotional Intelligence

In one situation, doing something too fast might be a game-changer; in another, it might be a huge turn-off to her.

The right thing at the right time can mean the difference between a second date and the end of the relationship. Due to the nature of how women are created, you as a guy need to read the sign and clues she’s giving you.

13. Lateness

Turn-offs are different for women because women are different. Showing up late on a date is not a big deal for some women, while for others, it is a big deal. Observe and understand your woman, and don’t just copy and paste what you see here.

14. Lack Of Of Confidence

You will get respect from your woman based on how you carry yourself as a guy. When a man knows what he is doing, what he wants, and has confidence in who he wants, women are attracted to him.

It is important to note that there is a difference between confidence and arrogance, arrogance turns women off while confidence turns them on.

15. A Lie A Cheat And Hypocrite

There is nothing that turns a woman off so fast as a man whose story does not sound credible. Women are special, they have a sixth sense that can sense when a story does not make sense. Women tend to turn cold and turn off immediately when they suspect your story is fishy.

16. Bad Breath

Turn-offs are not just things we do, a bad breath is just as much of a turn-off as the rest of the things on the list.

17. A Man Who Disrespect People

I am a person who does not respect people, especially those doing humble jobs, which is a huge turn-off for me.

18. Lack Of Boundaries

Mature individuals have boundaries, while immature individuals lack them. It is dangerous for men to lack boundaries. Some women might not be turned off by this, but those who are intend to be turned off certainly are. Communicating your boundaries demonstrates that you are in control, which is a huge turn-on for most women.Communicating your boundaries demonstrates that you are in control, which is a huge turn-on for most women.

19. Lack Of Faith

A man without faith is a complainer. Most women despise men who complain all the time. It might be a turnoff if you don’t have faith in a woman when you’re in a relationship with her.

20. Head Push

It is possible to turn your partner off by talking too quickly about something, especially in an intimate situation. Timing is not what we mean by this, it refers to taking things slow, especially when it comes to sex and sexual activities.Timing is not what we mean by this, it refers to taking things slow, especially when it comes to sex and sexual activities. On your first date, you should avoid asking for sex.

Women will often feel used and violated if they are considered sex objects. Build your relationship naturally and gradually.

In order to avoid turning women off, you must be careful and sensitive to their needs. Put them first and see if you can navigate those turn-offs easily.

However, what are some of the things that turn guys off the most? You will learn about things that inhibit intimacy with a man in the next section that is dedicated to women.

Biggest Turn Offs For Guys

Women do many things that turn men off. Here are 15 things that are a turn-off for guys.

1. A Dominant Woman

Lady Green writes in his book The Sexually Dominant Woman that some women enjoy erotic power plays. However, this is a big turn-off for most men because they enjoy submissive partners.

2. Comparison

Comparing other men or any other person is something that men dislike. Compare him with another man if you want to turn your man off. Men want to feel powerful, in control, and respected due to my nature. In their words, this is what love is.

3. Talking Too Much

Talkative women are both annoying and attractive to men, they say.

4. Bad Breath

While it may seem like a simple thing, most men are turned off by bad breath. According to some men, bad breath is a sign of poor grooming.

5. Dishonesty

Women who are dishonest turn out to be very attractive to men, and men say that dishonesty is one of the top things that turn them off.

6. Lack Of Support

Whenever a man perceives a girl is not supporting him, he is turned off.

7. Lack Of Initiative

You understand this if you are married. Especially during sex, men are attracted to women who initiate. Men become disinterested if a girl never takes the initiative.

8. Talking About The Future On Your First Date

On your first date with a guy, you shouldn’t discuss your future. Men tend to freak out when discussing their future. Commitment is not hated by men, it’s just that they don’t want you to assume anything on your first date.

9. Comparison

Comparisons turn me off, for most guys this is one of the biggest turn-offs. You should never compare a guy with any other guy, regardless of the circumstances.

Comparing kills intimacy, don’t do it.

10. Condoms (For Those Who Are Married)

A study conducted on both men and women found that condoms are a huge turn-off for most men. However, this mainly applies to married men. It’s a good idea to discuss using condoms as a married couple well in advance.

11. Questioning Them

Seventy percent of men feel disrespected and turn off once they are questioned.

12. Disrespect

Whenever a man feels disrespected, he tends to shut down. Most turn-offs for guys come from feeling they are not in control. Feeling respected and in control can prevent many turn-offs.

13. Poor Hygiene

Bad hygiene is disliked by both men and women. Women who are clean are desirable to men, not necessarily clean freaks, but clean women.

Men are visual creatures, so what they see catches their attention long before what they hear.

14. A Women Without Self-Respect Is A Very Big Turn Off For Most Men.

You need to respect yourself as a woman if you want to attract a man. You will not feel good about yourself if you carry yourself without any self-respect.

15. Manipulation

Through my line of work, I have met so many men who are disinterested in their wives because of their manipulative behaviors.

When a woman tries to manipulate a man into doing something, he will immediately become turned off by her.

Occasionally, the trick will work, but eventually your man will figure out what you’re doing, and the romantic story will end. You will be disinterested or they will become angry.

16. Never Shout On A Man Its A Big Turn Off

Men dislike being shouted at, it makes them feel disrespected. Don’t yell at men.Don’t yell at men.

17. A Woman Who Doesn’t Know How To Dress

Women should learn to dress sexily, especially at home. You shouldn’t dress in promotional t-shirts when a man is at your house.

18. Cats

Several men shared that cats are one of their biggest turn-offs. The majority of men dislike cats, unlike me, who loves dogs, especially retriever breeds.

Conclusion: Turn Offs For Women And Men In A Relationship

Let me conclude this conversation by saying that most turn-offs can be avoided if you intentionally learn about each other. Having a relationship is about getting to know each other better and loving each other more.

Then join the premarital counseling program if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship. Thanks for reading this list of turn-offs.

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